About Us

A little about us, NIXE is a designer swimwear label that was created in 2015 in Salt Lake City by me—SASHA MCCLOUD. The brand began as a creative outlet comprised of fashion design and photography where I collaborated with local artists on projects. From there, NIXE has blossomed into a brand known for fit, quality, and sustainable practices. We provide one-of-a-kind pieces made to feed the nomadic, fashion-forward soul.

This past year, I’ve watched the brand reach fruition in terms of how we live up to our ethos—to provide quality goods while protecting our planet. The fabric we use in our women’s and men’s swimwear is crafted from luxe recycled materials while each suit is designed, cut, and sewn in a way to reduce waste. We source our fabrics in LA and hand sew each suit in an effort to ripple a positive effect through the industry.

Each collection is inspired by a place I hold dear to my heart and is designed to withstand not only swimming, but the passions we travel for—hiking, climbing, and any adventure life throws at you. We feel that our suits fill a void in the current swimsuit landscape, offering sexy, active swimwear that can stand up to any activity with no slips or rips.